Fiesta time

That's right, it's time to raise the flag as car sales rise for the first time in a year with the Ford Fiesta outselling its rivals to become top dog with consumers.

In August new car registrations rose, and the new car market boasted a 7.3 percent rise, with 59,346 cars flying out the showroom doors during a traditionally quiet month.

While the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders insisted that the future 'remains challenging', there's certainly reason to be cheerful.

'August represents a relatively small share of the new car market and the September new 61-plate registrations will be far more important for vehicle manufacturers and franchised dealers," explained the SMMT chief executive Paul Everitt.

'The September new car market is always important for the UK motor industry, accounting for around 17 per cent of the full year's registrations. Consumers are nervous about the future, but with the industry offering unprecedented improvements in fuel economy, competitive finance offers and a wide variety of new models, buyers will find there is something to suit every taste and pocket.'

Great news then, though before you get complacent, the SMMT spokesperson had these words, forecasting gloom on the horizon: 'Registrations in the first eight months of the year have fallen 6.1 per cent or almost 79,795 units,' the spokesperson said. 'Given the downgrade in economic growth forecasts, the outlook for the new car market is set to remain challenging.

It depends on how you look at it really. Glass half full or empty, you know what we mean?

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