Final BMW M3 Coupe Rolls off Production Line

To mark the end of an era, BMW has sent out this image that shows the last M3 coupe on the German firm’s production line. This is the last of a line of high performance BMW coupes that stretches back to 1985, when the coupe was the only shape the BMW M3 was available in.

BMW’s website no longer lists the E92 model for sale, but they still have examples of the open top E93 listed on their site. That model’s available for £59,040.00. The remaining E92 M3 coupes will be sold off throughout dealerships in the UK over the course of 2013 as the executive car maker prepares for the arrival of the 4 Series in October. The direct replacement for this car will become known as the M4. BMW haven’t offered any details on the M version of the 4 Series, but they have announced that the 4 Series will be available at launch with as a 428i with a 245bhp four-cylinder engine, a 435i with a six-cylinder 306bhp power plant and as a diesel powered 420d that produces 184bhp.

During the past decade the M3’s place as BMW’s fastest production car has been taken by the M5 and M6, which produce more power thanks to their V10 engines. To combat this BMW used a 4.0 litre V8 in the current car. Although it’s slower than the larger and more expensive M cars, it still manages an electronically limited top speed of 155mph and a 0-62mph time of 4.7 secs.

The M3 name will still be used once the last E92 model BMW M3 has been sold, as the performance version of the 3 Series saloon, but to get a true and traditional BMW M3, drivers will need to purchase an M4 when it becomes available presumably in 2014.

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