Find the best quality Japanese alloy wheels

So you have done your car up nicely and now it is time to buy Japanese alloy wheels to add to the style! Where do you start looking? There are many tyre specialists in every town in the UK where you can view different types of alloy wheels. They come in all different prices to suit everybody's budget!

Perhaps one of the best makers of quality Japanese alloys to hit the market is Kei. They are designed for Japanese street racing and are manufactured to a high quality. Kei alloy wheels come in all sizes, from 15 inch up to 20 inch wheels.

The Kei Ebisu alloy wheels are finished in hyper silver or matt black and are an extremely high quality performance wheel. They are perfect for any car and can easily be fitted. This set of alloy wheels is Kei's best selling range. They can be yours for just:

  • 15 inch - £269
  • 17 inch - £387
  • 18 inch - £454
  • 19 inch - £489

The prices above include a 10% special discount that is running for a limited time only. You can find these alloy wheels and many more for sale on alloywheelworld.co.uk.

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