Find the best used cars in Sheffield!

If you want to buy used cars in Sheffield, check out autoweb.co.uk. This is a specialist website that offers thousands of affordable second hand cars. Autoweb make it a pleasure to search for cars, as you can sort results by make, model, price, location or body style. They have cars available from £100 up to £30,000 - so you should have no problem finding a car to suit your budget! Some of their most recent deals include:

  • A 2000 Ford Ka with a 1300cc engine is for sale in Sheffield city centre. It has a metallic blue finish and is a 3 door hatchback. With only 94,000 miles on the clock, this car is a bargain at just £650. It has electric windows and mirrors. There is one year MOT on the car and it is taxed until October 2011.
  • A 1998 Ford Fiesta with a 1242cc engine is for sale a couple of miles outside Sheffield. The car is red and has had two previous owners. It features electric windows, sunroof, immobiliser and a CD player. There are 99,000 miles on the clock. A new engine was added by Ford at 25,000 miles. This is a great car for a learner driver, and with six months tax, you are getting a bargain at just £675.

There are many more cars available on Autoweb. For more information on any of them, simply log on to their website.

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