Five-fold increase in parking tickets

Motorists are being handed five times as many parking tickets as they were a year ago, thanks in part to the great CCTV revolution with cameras snaring drivers who stop for as little as 17 seconds.

More than four million parking fines with penalties up to £105 were issued last year, a ten percent rise since the introduction of CCTV-primed camera cars two years ago.

But while the number of tickets issued has increased five-fold since 2000, the new methods of catching motorists in the act have also come under fire, with the number of people successfully appealing against their tickets rising 20 percent since the new camera cars first took to the road. In one case that got thrown out of court, a driver got a ticket on the basis of footage that lasted just 17 seconds.

The Association of British Drivers that the data proves the 'war on motorists was far from over.' 'Councils are desperate for money and the motorist is an easy target. Things can only get worse,' said the ABD's Hugh Bladon, while a spokesperson for the AA said 'putting in cameras has turned a cottage industry into an industrial process.' The report from the Traffic Penalty Tribunal discovered that camera cars park on double yellow lines in order to snare drivers and that councils regularly fail to alert drivers by using signs that CCTV is operational.

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