Fixed gear bikes for hipsters

Hipsters don’t identify themselves as such. They’re way too trendy to put a term on their style but they do tend to be drawn to fixed gear bikes. Fixed gear bikes are a lot of fun but they’re also very trendy. We bring you the best fixed gear bikes for hipsters in case you’re thinking of joining the trend.

Why fixed gear bikes

If you’re the sort of person who hasn’t ridden a fixed gear bike since the days when BMXs were cool, you’ll be wondering who on earth would want to ride a bike with only one gear. Well, you’d be right to question that if the reason for the ride was to get somewhere. Surely if you’re interested in getting to work quickly or getting around town without too much effort, you’d buy a bike that has multiple gears. But for hipsters, the bike is as much a fashion statement as their threads. The fixed gear bike is as much a fashion statement as the skakeboard was in the 1980s when Marty McFly and those who wished to emulate the movie character rode everywhere on them.

Most prized bike

The most prized bike for a hipster is the sort of thing you’d see use in a velodrome during the Olympics. Vintage track bikes though take you to another level of cool. Especially those built in small factories in Italy or Japan. The more “authentic” the better as far as hipsters are concerned. The fact these things don’t have brakes makes them even more “badass” but way harder to control. Thankfully, hipsters won’t be going far with them or taking them up to much of a speed.


So in conclusion, if you have to ask why, you’re not a hipster. If you have to ask what to ride, you’re not running with the coolest crowd.

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