Flying car for sale

If you thought the world’s first flying car was the one that featured in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and designed by madcap inventor Caractacus Potts then you’d be wrong. Partially to do with the book/film being a piece of fine fiction dreamt up by Ian Flemming and the fact that the first flying car was actually built by a New Yorker.

Frank Skroback was the man, and in 1934 he built what is now the oldest flying car and is made out of linen-wrapped around it (think poor man’s zeppelin). If you fancy owning a piece of history then you’re in luck because the contraption is to be sold at auction by Red Baron Antiques in Georgia in the US.

The only downside is it’s is expected only to be airborne for a couple of seconds so you’re more likely to get more of a lift from jumping on the spot. Still pretty cool though.

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