Save big money on Ford 16 inch alloy wheels today

One of the things that we have learned in the last few years when it comes to buying car accessories is that it's essential to buy them from a retailer that you can trust, whether you're buying in person or online. It's worth remembering that when you buy online you're always taking a chance that you're not going to get exactly what you bargained for, and while you can always instruct your credit card company to issue a chargeback, that's a hassle that we'd all much rather avoid.

So when you are searching for new Ford 16 inch alloy wheels for your motor, we recommend you stick to a recognised name that you can trust. With so many different retailers in the United Kingdom now offering alloys wheels online, it can be tough to cut through the hyperbole to figure out which one is the most reliable.

While most of them are perfectly fine, there's still one name that we'll always recommend ahead of anyone else. We are talking about Performance Alloys. Based in Northern Ireland, this company has more than fifteen years worth of experience selling alloy wheels and, as such, also has one of the most knowledgeable collections of staff to be found anywhere in the industry.

With prices on Ford 16 inch alloy wheels starting at just £62.50 on their website, located at performancealloys.com, you would be crazy to even consider shopping anywhere else... especially when you factor in the free next day delivery, and the fact that they have more than ten thousand models of alloy wheel in stock at any given time!

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