Where to buy Ford alloy rims

Buying Ford alloy rims does not have to mean expensive manufacturer provided parts. There are many places where you can find Ford alloy rims and wheels for much less than their RRP without sacrificing their quality or appearance.

Buying on eBay

Buying from eBay can be great if you are looking for bargain Ford alloy rims. Aside from buying at great discounts from trade and wholesale sellers (remember: these sellers do not have to pay for shop rental if they sell through eBay, so prices are very competitive), you can also buy directly from people who are selling the wheels privately. Sometimes these alloy rims will be completely unused and still boxed, and sometimes they may be used. Very rarely are alloys in a poor condition because there is very little point in selling them with defects given the buyer protection against such things nowadays. Picking the alloys up is usually the most convenient way of acquiring the goods after the auction but make sure that you only bid to buy and not to view!

Buying from Car Shows

Car shows are excellent for finding deals as you can enjoy the presence of both the manufacturers themselves and of trade sellers. Some car shows have swap shop facilities or swap stalls where you rent a table to sell all of your unnecessary parts. Finding Ford alloy rims like this gives you the opportunity to inspect them first for any defects or issues.

Buying from Owners' Clubs

Owners's clubs often have facilities in their newsletters or websites for swapping or selling parts and you will be able to pick up Ford alloy rims from most Ford owners' clubs.

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