Where to Find Ford Alloys for Your Car

Ford cars are very popular in the UK, and Ford alloys to keep them looking new are always in demand. They aren’t hard to find, and you can get them new or used depending on your budget. When looking to buy new wheels for your Ford, be sure that you know the size you need.

Where to Find Alloys

There are many stores where you can buy new alloys. A local Ford dealership will have a limited supply on hand, but they will probably have a catalogue you can order from. They can be delivered right to the dealership where you can have them mounted. You can find wheel and alloy sellers in the telephone book, as well.

If you want the largest selection possible, then the Internet is where you want to do your shopping. Since online stores have little overhead, they can carry a wider selection and often lower prices than a brick-and-mortar shop. They will deliver to your door or to a garage of your choice where you can take your car to have the new wheels mounted.

Online Websites to Check Out

In addition to online stores that sell new alloys, you can also find used Ford alloy wheels at great prices. Alloywheels.me.uk and 1stchoice.co.uk offer a selection of alloys for sale at other sites, such as eBay. The sites check multiple listings on the web and bring them to you in one place. They will also work to find you want you are looking for if they can’t find it right away.

Several online shops with new alloys for sale are fordpartsuk.com, fordonlineparts.co.uk, wheels.uk.com and wheelbasealloys.com.

Cost of New Alloys

The cost of new alloys will depend on the size you need and the type of alloy you want for your Ford. They can cost as little as £54.00 or plain replacement wheels, to £734.00 for a set of four 16-inch Ford alloys.

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