New Car Looks with Ford Alloys for Sale

When you are searching for Ford alloys for sale to liven up the look of your car, you’re going to be spoilt for choice. The brand names go from A to X (we didn’t find a Z) and there is every brand name in between. There are alloys to make your Ford look sedate and classy and there are alloys to make it look hot and racy.

Where to Look

When you start looking for new alloys for your car, there are literally thousands that are made for Ford cars. It is best to start your search at your local tire and wheel shops and get a feel for what is available.

After you’ve done that, turn your search to the Internet to see a larger selection of what is out there for Ford in UK. Try looking at alloywheels.me.uk, performancealloys.com, alloywheels.com, wheels.uk.com, and eBay. When you find something you like, you can always check with your local stores to see if they have it, or if they will order them for you at a comparable price.

Brand Names To Look For

Many of the brands that offer alloys for Fords are AEZ, Anzio, Calibre, Diamond, MSW, Oxigin, OZ Racing, Wolfrace Alloy Wheels and XTreme. There are many more that offer great looking alloys for all types of Fords in the UK.

How Much They Cost

The cost of new alloys will depend a lot on the size you need and on the type that you choose. Make sure that the alloy you pick is made to fit your car. Here are a few prices that we recently found for 16-inch alloys:

  • Zito Z575 4/set: £279.00
  • Diamond EVO Silver 4/set: £329.00
  • Team Dynamics Jet Black 4/set: £339.00
  • Cades Eros Gold 4/set: £379.00

These prices are for new alloys, but you can also buy used, and don’t forget to look in the ads for Ford alloys for sale.

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