Ford C Max alloy wheels on the cheap!

Ford C Max alloy wheels are one of the most popular parts in fords line up and for this reason they can often be quite expensive to get your hands on a set. We did a little searching online and found a couple of websites that offer some serious savings.

The fordonlineparts.co.uk website is the first place that we found some great deals. They have a massive supply of all things Ford. It doesn't matter what you are looking for you will find it here and it will be cheaper than retail.

We found a great set of Ford C-Max 17" 8-Spoke alloy wheels with a 25% reduction on their retail price. This means you can pick them up for only £549.92 instead of the whopping £733.24 original price. This is a much more affordable price but we still think it's possible to get Ford C Max alloy wheels for less.

Our last stop is at the performancealloys.com website. They don't have as big a collection of alloys but they have some great performance alloys for incredible cheap.

We found an amazing set of MSW by OZ Racing alloy wheels for only £71.16 in 14x6, 15x6.5, 16x7, 16x7.5, 17x7, 17x8, 18x8 sizes. This makes the full set only £284.64! Now that is a pretty unbelievable price for a set of racing alloy wheels.

As long as you are willing to put in the work online it is possible to get a full set of Ford C Max alloy wheels for under £300, you won't find those kind of deals in a garage, no sir!

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