Enhance a Ford Escort's look and performance with a new set of alloys

Alloy wheels are a fantastic way to enhance not only your Ford Escort’s look, but also its performance. A set of alloys can improve your steering, braking, and even reduce your fuel consumption if properly fitted. By reducing your car’s unstrung weight, more precision is imparted to your steering, allowing greater control in tricky corners and more precision in tight parking spaces. This weight reduction is also what helps improve your fuel economy, a benefit whichis greatly needed with the current cost of fuel.

Choosing the wheels for you

Alloy wheels are available in a huge range of colours and styles, and can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Ford Escort by making it stand out from the crowd. It is essential that you ensure that the wheel rimsize is compatible with your tyre size before purchasing any set of alloys. A good quality set of Ford Escort alloys starts from around £60, however, it is recommended that you get them professionally installed to ensure a correct fit and this will obviously incur additional charges.

Maintaining your wheels

There are a number of specialist waxes available to maintain the finishon your alloy wheels, and regular, thorough cleaning will ensure continued levels of performance. However, alloy wheels are extremely tough and durable, much more so than their standard steel counterparts, and should therefore require less maintenance overall. After your first 20 miles of driving with your new wheels fitted, manufacturers recommend you check your wheels to ensure they remain secure.

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