Finding Ford Fiesta Alloys in UK

The sporty Fiesta is a great, sturdy car and getting your great little run-around a new set of Ford Fiesta alloys can be a nice reward for its loyalty in getting you through many a nasty winter. The Fiesta is one of the most popular Ford cars and finding a set of alloys won’t be hard. Finding them at a price you can afford is another issue.

Where to Start Your Search

Start searching locally for Fiesta alloys. Go to local wheel shops and see what they have on offer. If you’re very lucky, you might find what you want at a good price and go home a very happy customer. Also make a visit to a local Ford dealership and see what they have and whether they have a brochure you can look through.

Where to Look Next

If you’re not successful at the brick-and-mortar stores, sit down with your computer and start searching the Internet for Ford Fiesta wheels. For genuine Ford alloys check with Jennings-ford.co.uk, fordpartsuk.com, and the official site, Fordparts.com where you will need your VIN number to search. For other popular name brand alloys go to hotlinemotorsports.com, alloywheelspin.co.uk and wheelbasealloys.com.

If your budget is limited, you can get great used alloys by checking with 1stchoice.co.uk, partsgateway.co.uk, preloved.co.uk. These retailers can often find genuine Ford alloys for a fraction of what they cost new.

What Alloys Will Cost

Your cost is always going to be dependent on the size of alloys you need and the style you choose. However, you can find some really good deals, especially if you are willing to buy used. Here are a few prices we recently found:

  • 16-inch 7-spoke alloys set of 4: 595.00
  • MK6 16-inch, each: 118.71
  • MK6 6.5 inch by 16 inch, 12 spoke, black, each: 120.75

No matter what reason you want new wheels, with a new set of Ford Fiesta alloys, you are bound to enjoy the updated look of your car.

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