Help with Finding Your New Ford Fiesta Wheels

Whether you have a new or used car, sometimes you just want to get some new Ford Fiesta wheels because the ones you have just don’t appeal to you anymore. Wheel and alloy manufacturers have plenty of styles to suit every taste, from the sedate to wild and macho.

What is Available

Wheels for the Fiesta come in all the proper wheel sizes and many different finishes and number of spokes. Manufacturers such as BK Racing, Zito, Wolfrace, Ace, Calibre and Dezent are all represented. Finishes come in polished silver, brushed silver, chrome, gun metal, white, black and gold, with as many as 15 spokes to as few as 5. There is definitely something here for all Ford cars.

Where to Look

The best places to look would be close to where you life. That way you can see exactly what the wheels look and feel like. If that isn’t an option, or the wheels you want are not in stock, you can find what you want on the Internet. Several sites to check out for Ford Fiesta wheels are fordpartuk.com, wheels.uk.com, supaprice.co.uk, eBay, Amazon.com, and wheelbasealloys.com.

If you don’t mind saving some money and getting your wheels used from a car breaker, you can try any in your local area. Some parts-finders online that you can request parts from are 1stchoice.co.uk and ford.partsgateway.co.uk.

What You’ll Pay

The price you pay will depend on the size of wheel you need for your Fiesta and the type of wheel you want. Black, gold, and white wheels generally cost a bit more for the colouring. When ordering your wheels online, check if the price includes shipping. However, here are a few examples:

  • 14” Zito Alloy Orion, silver, 6 spokes: 309.00 set
  • 15” Wolfrace Triad, gun metal, 5 spokes: 249.00 set
  • 16” Calibre Vertigo, silver, 9 spokes: 299.00 set
  • 17” ZCW Bolt Black, 12 spokes: 264.00 set

Getting some new Ford Fiesta wheels for you car is sure to make it feel almost brand new again.

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