Ford Focus 16 alloy wheel range

  • Ford Focus Alloys

When Ford design an alloy wheel they do so that it matches and compliments the style of the ford that you drive, be that sporty, elegant or a family car, the choice is yours.

Nothing is compromised in the making of these high quality Ford Focus 16 inch alloy wheel range. They have been made to the highest standards using the best materials in the industry and they undergo a series of different tests to ensure that they will be able for the full rigours of modern day driving and keep you safe on the roads. They are fully checked for any defects and to ensure no air is lost through the wheel.

The great thing about the ford alloy range is that they look as good as they perform. They are available in a varied selection of colours, such as machined, silver or grey.

Ford often uses Chrome when making their alloy wheels as its use results in superior performance of the vehicle. These alloy wheels are mostly machine faced and their designs usually offer a number of slots, vents and holes. Sometimes they are available with an extra ridge around the rim. The face of these wheels is mostly coated with silver, which makes it elegant and smooth.

One of the most popular choices in the Focus range is the Ford Focus C-Max 16” 24-spoke alloy wheels, these are the ultimate in alloy wheels and are guaranteed to get you noticed on the road. The engineering and unrivalled detail that goes into this model make it a superb choice and these Ford Focus C-Max 16” 24-spoke alloy wheels compliment the car's power and beauty perfectly. They also have the added bonus that not only do they look stylish but they also enhance the performance of the vehicle by offering an improved brake response and more controlled cornering ability.

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