Getting the best deal on Ford Focus 16 alloy wheels

Do you have a Ford Focus and you are looking to splash the cash on a set of Ford Focus 16 alloy wheels? The price of a decent set of alloys can add up, but in this blog we are going to link you to a place where you can pick these alloys up for a bargain price! So lets check it out.

Owning a Ford Focus gives you a massive advantage when it comes to buying alloy wheels. You have full use of the brilliant and extensive Ford after sales service at www.fordonlineparts.co.uk/Alloy-Wheels. This site deals in the complete range of Ford alloy wheels covering everything from small 13" alloys for the Ford Ka, right through to 20" monster alloy wheels for the Ford Mondeo. The Ford site also contains full pricing on all the wheels, and right now, if you move quickly, they are offering a whopping 20% off on their full range of tyres. This site is also worth checking out as it offers the full range of Ford parts for every aspect of your car!

If for whatever reason, the Ford Online Parts store doesn't satisfy your needs, then all is not lost, as we have another place for you to check out for a great deal on wheels. Simply point your browser towards Sandcliffe Alloys at www.sandicliffeshop.co.uk and check out their full range of Ford Alloy Wheels. They have even completely matched Ford's 25% off offer, and there are even more savings to be made if you keep a look out.

Ford Focus 16 alloy wheels

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