Our guide to buying a Ford Focus 1.6 diesel in yorkshire

Looking to pick up a pre owned Ford Focus? This ultra reliable model holds it's value like few other cars, and is always a popular favourite for people looking to buy a car. If you're in the market for a new one, then check out our guide to buying a used Ford Focus 1.6 diesel yorkshire.

The Ford Focus is officially the UK's most popular car, and it has achieved such a high level of sales thanks to the simple fact that it's probably the best all round drive available out there right now. It's been on the road since 1998, consistantly coming out as one of the biggest selling cars every year. Due to this, it's got a thriving second hand market with cars constantly going on the market.

In our humble opinion, the Ford Focus 1.6 diesel is the model you should be aspiring to get as it was by far the biggest seller, thanks to the generous engine size and the brilliant reliability. Even if the Focus has a high mileage, it's still an attractive purchase thanks to their full service history. Here's a few things to look out for when buying.

Gauge - Some models of the Focus suffer from sticking fuel gauges. Try and establish if this is present, as it costs around £200 to fix.

Engine - Shifting gear on the petrol models can cause surging revs. This is a simple fix, new plug leads usually fix the problem.

Suspension - The Focus is renowned for having brilliant suspension, but wheel bearings can wear quickly, particularly at the rear. Listen for droning from your wheels.

Exhaust - The rear silencers are prone to corrosion, especially on low mileage cars. A thorough check of this area is worthwile before purchasing.

There are many Ford garages in Yorkshire so just log on today to find the nearest on to you.

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