Ford Focus most popular car of 2011 in Ireland

For quite some time now Ford have been claiming that the Ford Focus is the most successful car ever to have been released on Irish shores, as well as being the most popular car on the Emerald Isle in 2011. These claims have been further boosted by the confirmation that they passed the 100,000 cars sold milestone in late March of this year, a real landmark for a car only released into the Irish market as recently as 1998.

As the latest model of the Ford Focus for 2011 hit Ireland, Ford could finally announce the good news to customers and industry officials alike. In its thirteen years on the Irish market, the Focus has had a total of five different incarnations, and has been able to boast that it was the highest selling car in Ireland in no less than ten separate years.

The 100,000 mark is quite an achievement for Ford, given the fact that the current population of the Republic of Ireland is only around 4,500,000, meaning that there has been one Ford Focus bought for every forty five people in the entire country - a feat not to be sniffed at.

However you are unlikely to be doing much sniffing in a Ford Focus - the car was the first on the Irish market to boast allergy friendly interiors, as well as being the first biofuel car and the first car in its class to boast EPS as a standard feature in Ireland.

The first certainly don't look like stopping any time soon either, with the release of the brand new Ford Focus 2011 in Ireland to unanimous praise from industry insiders. Priced from €20,825, it is fully expected that the latest model will continue the Focus's impressive love affair with the Irish people for quite a while longer.

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