The cheapest Ford Focus alloy wheels

Ford Focus alloy wheels come in all different shapes and sizes. The one problem that they generally have across the board is price. They can cost upwards of £500 per alloy, and that's on the low end. For a set of really great alloys you will be paying thousands.

Luckily for you guys there is always one website that sells on the cheap, ebay.co.uk. Here you can bid on some of the best alloys at incredibly low prices. All you have to do is search for 'Ford Focus Alloys' and a list of some really great offers will appear.

When you see something you like you can bid like an auction. The highest bid wins as long as you meet the reserve. There is also always a buy it now option where you can pay the requested price.

We found an amazing set of 18'' Ford Focus 5 Stud Rial Roma Alloy Wheels for only £559. Normally you could be paying this for each alloy but £559 will get you the set and the tyres all together. eBay is full of really great deals like this so be sure to keep an eye out.

These Rial Romas are InchBolt Pattern in polished style graphite. They are super slick 5 spoke alloys that will really make your car pop. The bidding starts at only £300 for the set with a buy it now price of £559 so be sure to check them out.

There you have it, some really amazing Ford Focus alloy wheels for cheap.

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