Low cost Ford Focus car parts

At some point in a cars life you will need to replace parts, we found a great website that stock lots of Ford Focus car parts and they're cheap! Hit up the fordpartuk.com website and let's see what they have in stock.

Ford Focus "ST170" Alloy Wheel (Set of 4): We found a great replacement set of alloys for your Focus ST170. If you have had damage or scratches to your alloys then it might be worth looking into replacing them. Normally alloys can cost £400 per alloy, here you can replace the entire set for only £659. a lot of people don't replace their alloys because of the cost, no price is no excuse.

Ford Focus RS-Rear Brake Discs: If you have warn down the disc brakes on the rear of your Focus RS you can replace them at the Ford Park UK website for only £73.95. This will buy you two shiny new rear brake discs.This is a 25% saving on the RRP for these discs so check them out!

Door mirrors, glasses and covers: These are the items that need the most replacing on the Focus. Whether you dinged it yourself or someone stole or broke them they can all be replace for very cheap. We found a set of motorised mirrors for only £50 and manuals for only £20.

When it comes to buying Ford Focus car parts the internet is your best friend. Everything can be found for much cheaper so be sure to do a little online browsing.

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