Ford Focus diesel for sale - Cars in Munster

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Ford Focus Diesel for sale! Cars in Munster looking for new owners!

2003 Ford Focus Sport - This black Ford Focus with a diesel engine is for sale in Clare. The engine size is 1.8 litres and the transmission is manual. The mileage is 140,000 miles and the asking price is €4,000. For more details please call Aoife on 0863323620.

2003 Ford Focus TDI- This 1.8 Ford Focus with manual transmission is for sale in the Kerry area. This car is a black hatchback with 5 doors and 108,000 miles on the clock. The asking price is €4,000 but this is negotiable. The car has had 5 previous owners. If interested please contact Fergus Murphy on 0861923459.

2006 Ford Focus - This is a black Focus hatchback with 5 doors for sale in Cork. The engine size is 1.6 litres and the vehicle has had just one previous owner. The car has a valid NCT/DOE until the 24th July 2012 and is selling for €6,250.  For more information please call KGW Dealers on 0879894179.

2007 Ford Focus - This van is being sold in Limerick. It is a 3 door silver hatchback with 88,235 miles on the clock. Additional features include 6 speakers, power steering and electric windows. The selling price is €8,500. Please call Dan Dooley Ford Centre on 06253103.

2007 commercial Ford Focus - This diesel car is for sale in Munster. It is a two door vehicle with back windows instead of panels. It has only had one previous owner and is in mint condition. The original asking price is €10,000 but this is negotiable. Please contact Chris Carey on 0833013147.

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