Ford Focus wheels and tyres, safety from the ground up

The new Ford Focus with its range of optional wheels and tyres looks amazing with its sleek new design and eye catching lines. Available in models such as firstly the Focus, the Focus Edge, the acclaimed Focus Zetec and lastly the Focus Titanium.These models just ooze style combined with affordability.

Ford resellers give great finance packages that are easily arranged through the Ford website indigenous to your country.The Zetec comes standard with 16 inch alloy wheels which are the 5x2 spoke model and the Titanium comes with 16 inch 10x2 spoke alloy wheels.The exterior of these models are crafted to bring optimum aerodynamic efficiency which in turn brings greater fuel savings to the customer who nowadays is very conscious of fuel economy.

But style is also of optimum importance in the design of these great looking models.Night driving is made comfortable with the addition of Xenon headlights which cast a powerful beam.

LED rear lights are optional. Safety is paramount in the full range of Ford models. A system called IPS is used to protect all occupants. IPS stands for Intelligent Protection System.

Within the body of these models is a high tensile steel rigid structure. From this structure all of the car's protection systems run simultaneously. In the event of a collision the hidden internal structure senses the direction of impact. This in turn sends information to the correct area of impact which instantly activates the required airbag, or all airbags to the passenger or passengers who are in danger of injury.The Ford Focus uses wheels and tyres made only from the most reliable manufacturers ensuring optimum safety and reliable, dependable driving every time.

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