Improve a Ford Galaxy with a set of alloy wheels

Fuel consumption is a topic on the mind of every motorist at the moment. Luckily, with a set of alloy wheels your Ford Galaxy can reduce its fuel consumption and improve its performance at the same time. By reducing the unstrung weight of the vehicle, a new set of alloy wheels allows more precise control when steering and improves your Ford Galaxy’s fuel economy. Not only that, the heat dissipation of your brakes is greatly improved thanks to the ability of alloys to efficiently conduct heat. This means that in difficult driving conditions you are far less likely to suffer a braking failure.

Choosing the wheels for you

The first thing anyone notices about a set of alloy wheels is their striking appearance, and obviously part of the great appeal of alloy wheels is their ability to make your car stand out. Make sure that your alloy wheel size is compatible with your tyre size.  A good quality set of alloy wheels starts from around £60, however, it is recommended that you get them professionally installed to ensure a correct fit and this will obviously incur additional charges.

Maintaining your wheels

Cleaning your Ford Galaxy's alloy wheels with specialist wax regularly will ensure they remain at their best and will stop them from corroding; this will also keep them looking their best. It is recommended by manufacturers that you check your alloy wheels after the first 20 miles you drive with them to ensure they remain secure and have bedded in correctly.

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