We look for the cheapest Ford Ka 14 inch alloy wheels around

With the Ford Ka now one of the most popular cars on British roads, it's no surprise that there are plenty of people out there with a strong desire to make theirs stand out from the crowd. It might not be the slickest car ever made to begin with, but the Ka is far from ugly, and Ford have certainly done a great job with it through the years.

However that doesn't necessarily win it any cool points, and we all know how important it is for your motor to look the best it possibly can. That's why so many people are now turning to accessories and modifications for their Ford Kas. Not everyone can afford the type of money it takes to radically overhaul the aesthetics of a car like the Ka though, so what are the alternatives?

Well, if you're looking for something subtle but that can really show off your own personal style and taste, then we strongly recommend you give some serious consideration to picking up a nice set of brand new alloys. The price of alloy wheels has plummeted in recent years, and they can now be bought online at great prices.

When it comes to finding Ford Ka 14 inch alloy wheels for the best price, you don't have too far to look. Performance Alloys, based in Northern Ireland and whose website can be found at www.performancealloys.com, have the biggest selection of alloys to suit your Ford Ka anywhere in the United Kingdom - and with free next day delivery on all UK orders you know that you'll get your wheels as quickly as possible.

Prices start for as little as £60.90, although they increase to close to £1000 for a single wheel. While we don't recommend Performance Alloys if you have no way of actually fitting the wheels yourself (or at the very least have a garage nearby who can do it for you), you'll not find a better selection or better prices anywhere.

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