Improve a Ford KA by adding alloys

The Ford KA without alloys is already a great little car, but a set of alloys can make it even better by reducing its fuel consumption and improving its handling. Already a light car, alloy wheels reduce your Ford KA’s unstrung weight, allowing for more precision in your steering and better fuel economy, whilst the excellent heat conducting properties of the alloys give your brakes better heat dissipation. This makes it less likely for you to have a braking failure during particularly demanding driving conditions.

Choosing the wheels for you

The range of available alloy wheel designs for the Ford KA is extremely large, and you are sure to find a set that enhances your car’s look in no time, especially when you take into account the number of colour options available aswell as the different styles. A good quality set of alloy wheels starts from around £60, however, it is recommended that you get them professionally installed to ensure a correct fit and this will obviously incur additional charges.

Maintaining your wheels

Alloy wheels are highly durable, but a number of specialist waxes and polishes are available to keep them looking and performing at their best. These are available from Ford garages around the UK, as well as a number of UK based websites. Thoroughly cleaning your new wheels on a regular basis will keep them looking great, and also prevent corrosion of the finish. Manufacturers also recommend that you check your new wheels after your first 20 miles of driving with them, to check they are sufficiently secure.

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