Ford launches Driving skills for Life initiative

Now here’s something you don’t hear every day. Iconic car brand Ford has decided to nurture the young motorists of tomorrow, as it announced the launch of the Driving Skills for Life programme, an initiative designed to provide US high school students with free driving exercises and web-based training on driver safety.

Ford is teaming up with the Governors Highway Safety Association and has put aside a cool $1m for the project. US government statistics show that 3,000 teens aged 15-19 die on the roads each year. Ford’s programme aims to educate teen drivers and to ultimately lower the death toll.

’Inexperience is the leading cause of crashes in young drivers, and this program delivers the key skill sets that will increase their knowledge, confidence and, ultimately, their safety,’ said spokesperson Sue Cischke.’

’Ford is passionate about helping young drivers learn the rules of the road, better manage distractions behind the wheel and help make America’s roads safer for all of us.’

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