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As well as Ford minilite wheels can be used on numerous other models and is referred to as the racing wheel. There site shows a range of cars such as the Subaru Impreza, Alfa GTV, BMW Cooper S and many more fitted with these legendary wheels

At what was 1st thought of as a Rally or racing wheel, demand soon spread to road cars and that demand continues to this day. Minilite wheels are available in a wide range of sizes for most historic and classic cars. For the authentic look of the 60s that meets all today's regulations and standards, the Minilite is a perfect and obvious choice. Minilite's original classic design is still winning historic races and rallies today.

The original Minilite wheel, was the most successful wheel of the 60s and 70s. Originally developed as a magnesium competition wheel for the then revolutionary new Austin Mini, but its instant success meant that it was soon to be seen on many of the serious race and rally cars of that era. To this day all Minilite wheels are made to the original classic design. With a company based in the UK, Minilite wheels are Low-Pressure die cast, in high grade aluminium alloy and are machined with the latest CNC equipment, 100% pressure tested They are finished in powder coating for maximum protection against the elements.

Minilite continue original wheels today in magnesium, primarily for racing purposes. They are the ultimate competition wheel for racing and rallying where unsprung weight reduction is required without compromising strength and safety.

The Minilite design has been imitated a lot over the years. If you want the authentic look there is only one Genuine Minilite.


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