Find Ford Mondeo alloy wheels for sale at Performance Alloys

Founded back in 1996 under the original name of Tosche Trading to supply high quality alloy wheels to the motor trade, Performance Alloys made the change to its current monicker in 1998, when the decision was made to enter the retail market themselves. They launched with their official site, www.performancealloys.com, to great reception.

Since their launch they have gone on to win countless awards including the BT Excellence Award in 2002, the Government E Commerce Awards in 2002 and also a runner up place in the Government E Commerce Awards in 2003.

The secret of this success has undoubtedly been down to the fact that their selection of alloys is second to none anywhere on the internet. This Antrim, Northern Ireland based company have gone out of their way to ensure that they carry the single most exhaustive selection of top quality alloy wheels to be found anywhere in the United Kingdom.

That means that your search for a store with Ford Mondeo alloy wheels for sale to suit your budget has most definitely come to an end. The first thing you'll notice when you visit their site is how clean and crisp the whole thing is.

The main focal point is the Alloy Wheel Finder. By entering all the information of your car into the series of drop down menus, you'll be able to find every single alloy wheel on the site to suit, allowing you to make an informed decision as to which one you think is right for you. And if you're ever stuck, or need to know something technical, you can feel free to give them a call during regular business hours Monday to Saturday on 0871 200 3784 and their staff are sure to help you out.

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