Ford Mondeo alloys for less

Buying a set of Ford Mondeo alloys can be a very expensive endeavour. This is generally only true if you are buying from a garage or direct from the manufacturer. There are some great websites out there that can save you a few bucks.

When it comes to alloys on the cheap eBay.co.uk is the perfect place to start your search. They have huge stocks of car parts and accessories so you are sure to find something top notch.

We found a full set of 16 Inch Ford Gti Alloys that are perfect for a Ford Mondeo. Normally you can expect to pay a few hundred for each alloy, the whole set on eBay was only £100! You will not get a deal as good as that from your local garage. All of the alloys come with legal tyres that are in perfect nick so be sure to check these out.

DoneDeal.ie is the next website that's always worth a look if your in Ireland. It is basically a buy and sell but there are always fantastic deals on car parts.

We found a beautiful set of BMW style five spoke alloys for only €215! This will get you the whole four set and the tyres. Done Deal always provides some real top notch deals so if your on the Emerald Isle then Done Deal is definitely worth a look.

There you have it, cheap Ford Mondeo alloys found in minutes thanks to some great websites. Check them out and see if you can save yourself a few quid!

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