Ford pulls ads in NoW phone hacking scandal

Ford has reacted to the enveloping scandal of phone hacking allegations surrounding British tabloid The News of the World by pulling its advertising from the UK paper, with Mitsubishi to follow suit.

The tabloid has been accused of hacking into the voicemails of dead soldiers, as well as the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler. Ford confirmed plans to use: 'alternative media within and outside News International group instead of placing Ford advertising in the News of the World.'

It added, in case you were wondering, that: 'Ford is a company which cares about the standards of behaviour of its own people and those it deals with externally.'

Good to know. However, Ford's 'moral' stance may not be a permanent moral stance, saying: 'We are awaiting an outcome from the News of the World investigation and expect a speedy and decisive response.'

Never say never then.

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