Ford recalling

Following Toyota’s mass recall, and Chrysler’s ignition-related recall last week, now Ford is getting in on the recall action by announcing problems with the fuel system in its Ranger vehicles.

The car giant has announced that some 23,688 Ford Ranger models the year 2010 need to go back to the dealers in order to fix a fuel leak problem.

Ford says that because the engine fuel line in the area of the throttle body shield lacks a properly installed cover, the edge of the shield might contact the fuel line and cause it to rupture.

So far Ford has received no reports of problems, but it could potentially be deadly serious. If fuel leaks onto the fuel shield then all that’s needed is some sort of spark for it to burst into flames. Bad news for everyone.

The recall begins on March 17, and, as is common in all recalls, the modifications made will be done free of charge.

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