Ford takes inspiration from Aero chocolate

Who would have thought that chocolate could be the answer to saving weight? But in the new Ford Focus, chocolate has indirectly helped to make the car lighter than ever.

Engineers have taken inspiration from the bubbly chocolate Aero bars, by injecting plastic parts with microscopic bubbles that are equally as strong only 20 percent lighter.

Ford wants to cut the weight of the Focus to 300kg by 2020, and by using the gas bubble technology known as MuCell it hopes to do just that.

Ford scientist Carsten Starke said: ‘We are saving weight in many ways, not just by using this new plastic, because lighter cars handle better, accelerate faster and stop more quickly. For the customer it is win-win, the plastic is 20 per cent lighter without increasing cost or reducing strength and it will help make their Ford better in almost every aspect.’

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