Ford Titanium Alloy Wheels, time to forget the go-faster stripes!

So, you are among one of the lucky customers to choose a Ford Titanium, and yes you are quite rightly feeling rather proud of yourself.  The Titanium is part of the new Ford Focus range of cars.  A four door hatchback that just glows with style and refinement.  It comes as already mentioned in four door hatchback but also as an estate model.  It is also available in petrol or diesel engine configurations.

This model comes with so many extras that you will want to take it out on the road at every opportunity.  The Titanium can be fitted with alloy wheels up to a size of sixteen inches and in a large range of styles and spoke configurations.  Incidentally the sixteen inch wheels are a standard factory introduction size on this car although there are other Ford dealers offering fifteen inch wheels as their standard.  Couple this with low profile tyres and you will be sure to stand out from the rest of the crowd and be a real head turner when you cruise through town.

Try logging on to www.ford.co.uk when you have a couple of minutes to spare to find out more information on Ford Titanium alloy wheels.  Their alloy wheels for the Ford Titanium are sized at the fifteen inch as standard but they would not hesitate to impart their sizeable knowledge with regard to obtaining the best size and style for your Ford Titanium.

Lastly, bear in mind that alloy wheels with multi spoke arrangements are prone to soiling from brake dust and can be difficult to clean in those little gaps between the more closely spaced spokes. Ask Ford.co.uk for advice on the correct cleaning solutions to keep your wheels in sparkling, showroom condition every time you drive.

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