Ford Transit Alloys Improve Style and Performance

Ford vehicles, including both cars and vans, are widely acclaimed and for good reasons. Ford cars and vans stand out because of their looks, style, reliability and power. But there are many factors that make Ford vehicles what they are, and one of them is Transit alloys. Transit alloys are a permanent feature of the wheels of Ford cars and vans.

Transit alloys not only add a lot of style but also are central to the overall performance of Ford cars and vans.  Ford transit alloys, unlike steel rims, are tougher and do not bend under the severest of impacts. This makes Ford cars and vans one of the safest vehicles to travel in. Ford Transit alloys are non-corrosive in nature. In other words, Transit alloys can withstand disintegration from exposure to air and water for a longer period than steel rims.  This also means lower maintenance costs as the Transit alloys last longer than steel rims. Ford Transit alloys are lighter than steel rims and have been found to improve fuel efficiency.

Ford transit alloys are available in multiple sizes and designs and for just about every Ford car and van. You need to choose the Transit alloy depending on your choice and the model of Ford car or van you own. Fox Racing Viper Van, AEZ Vantage,Dotz Dominator, Autec Type T, Ronal R44 Silver are just some of many Ford Transit alloys available in the market. 15X6.5, 16X6.5, 18X7.5, and 17X7 are some of the standard sizes available for Ford Transit Alloys.

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