Former Lego man wins top design award

A former designer for Lego has scooped two gongs for his family car design concept that employs tablet-style technology.

Adam Phillip's design, featuring an ingenious seating arrangement and interactive wall - digitally enhanced glass allowing occupants to communicate through games, movies and social networking - were praised to high heaven by the judges.

'Family Dynamic is a very well thought out design. It is a car to be lived in and the use of current and future technologies has been well integrated into the vehicle," said one of the judges.

'It is a car to be lived in." agreed another. 'His use of glass was very innovative and appropriate particularly as Pilkington manufactures the glass for Apple's touch screen devices.'

Sheffield-based Adam explained: 'Current interiors of vehicles promote an outdated family dynamic with one person - the driver - being handed all of the focus and responsibility.

'Nowadays however, children have much more influence and freedom. My design mimics life in the home, where the occupants have greater interaction.'

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