Formula 1 2011 dates - the details

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The Formula 1 season is almost at the half way pointand the second half promises to be as exciting as the first. The following are the details on the Formula 1 2011 dates.

22nd - 24th July - German Grand Prix - this race takes place in Nurburgring. The number of laps is 60 and there are some tricky hairpin bends on the track.

29th - 31st July - Hungarian Grand Prix - this race takes place on the Hungaroring circuit in Budapest. The track is a reasonably fast one with a number of significant straights.

26th - 28th August - Belgian Grand Prix - there are two practice sessions on Friday the 26th with qualifying starting at 2 pm local time on Saturday. The race starts at 2 pm on Sunday. This is the shortest track on the remaining calendar and the race lasts just 44 laps.

9th - 11th September - Italian Grand Prix - this race takes place in Monza, the home of Ferrari.

23rd - 25th September - Singapore Grand Prix - this is currently the only night race on the calendar.

7th - 9th October - Japanese Grand Prix - this race takes place on the Suzuka track which has some tricky S curves.

14th - 16th October - Korean Grand Prix - this race takes place in the Korea International Circuit in Yeongam

28th - 30th October - Indian Grand Prix - this will be the first Formula 1 race in India.

11th - 13th November - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - this race is on the Etihad Airways sponsored track.

25th - 27th November - Brazil Grand Prix - This track is relatively long and the number of laps is 71.

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