All about Formula 1 mot testing centres

The safety of your car is of utmost importance in ensuring your safety and keeping your car road worthy. MOT involves testing your car for exhaust emissions, roadworthiness and safety. After successfully carrying out the Ministry of Transport test (MOT), you are issued with a test certificate. The tests are carried out in government-approved stations under the umbrella of Vehicle Operator Agency (VOSA). Formula 1 mot testing centre is an approved centre to carry out these tests and boasts of over 50 modern testing stations located throughout the UK.

Mot tests are required for all vehicles after exceeding the three-year period. This ensures the car conforms to the required environmental and safety standards. Some of the systems to be checked in the car include the exhaust, safety belts, horn, bonnet, windscreen, tyres, mirrors, brakes and doors.

The exhaust is checked for leaks and emissions to ensure they meet the required standards. Seat belts are checked for condition and operation. The steering is tested for attachment to the shaft, while the windscreen is tested for visibility. Horns are checked for acceptable volume and operation, while car lights will be checked for operation and visibility. Tyres are checked for wear while the mirrors are checked for visibility and should be secure. The door should be operational while the fuel system should be free from contaminants and the filler cap should be securely fastened.

When going for a Mot test, you will be required to have your current registration form or the V5 form. To ease the process, you may opt for an online registration at (http://www.f1autocentres.co.uk/) which offers their services at £25 when you book online.

It is advisable to conform to government regulations concerning your Mot expiration date. You may apply for the formula 1 mot testing free reminder to ensure you never miss a mot test.

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