What Formula 1 tyres 2011 are they currently using?

Are you a Formula One nut wondering about which tyres they use in this epic sport? F1 tyres are specially made for the sport and they are vastly different to the tyres you would find on your average car! In this blog, we are going to give you a guide to the different types of Formula 1 tyres 2011 that are being used this year, so lets have a look!

Your average Formula One car is a technical masterpiece with thousands upon thousands of hugely important parts. However, a lot of people forget that the tyres are perhaps the car's single biggest performance variable. Formula One teams invest a huge amount in finding the right car to tyre balance, and finding this balance is hugely important as all cars now use a single tyre manufacturer.

Your average Formula One tyre is constructed to last 200 kilometres at best, and is constructed to be as light yet durable as possible. They are able to withstand vastly bigger pressures than your average car's tyre, with up to a ton of downforce able to be sustained.

Pirelli are the current tyre manufacturer for Formula One, and they construct four different types of tyres for races. Two of these are for wet weather, and the other two are advanced dry weather compounds. Wet weather tyres have a vastly bigger surface area, making them safer for use in the rain as they look to make sure aqua planing doesn't become a problem for teams. Wet weather tyres don't have grooves, while dry weather ones do.

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