Get nostalgic with the classic Formula One board game

These days there are any number of hi-tech digital reconstructions of the Formula One experience. Console games and arcade games put you in the driving seat. Nostalgists though will have fond memories of the original Waddingtons Formula One board game of their childhood. Take it down from the loft, or snap it up on ebay, and revisit its engrossing gameplay.

Waddingtons first made the game in 1962, when Formula One was a romantic and dangerous sport. The game was subtle and clever, ensuring it was one of those board games that retained considerable appeal for adults.

The main attraction of Formula One was that it was a game of skill that made impressive attempts to replicate the real decisions of motor-racing. You choose the speed and position at which you approach bends, and employ your tactics cards to give you a boost at just the right moment.

Take a calculated risk with your speed and there's a danger of crashing. Put too much stress on the tyres and you'll be called in for a pit stop. Up to 6 players can play, and it's enjoyable to build up a rivalry over a course of races (have your own world championship) and cut off your rival at a tight bend.

Needless to say, in the modern digital age, the board game is no longer available in the shops. There are usually plenty of copies available on ebay (www.ebay.co.uk), although if it's a game in good condition, you might have to outbid quite a lot of fellow enthusiasts who want to get their hands on the best Formula One board game ever made. Expect to pay around £30.

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