A Guide to Formula One Car Sales

Formula One Car Sales, also known as F1 Car Sales, is a very well respected luxury car company that operates both from its website at: F1carsales.com and from their exquisite showroom in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The company was established in 1968 by Brian Stanners and has been trading successfully ever since.

Car Stock

Formula One Car Sales, or F1 Car Sales, stocks a wide variety of very high quality cars. They specialise in luxury names such as Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche and Lotus, and they have their cars on display in their immaculate showrooms. Their cars range from nippy convertible Lotuses to elegant Mercedes and if you have special requests they are happy to keep a look out for that special car or to search their professional networks for it.

Private Registrations

Formula One Car Sales also has a range of private and cherished registrations for sale with prices ranging from a few hundred to many thousands.


Finance services are also available from Formula One Car Sales. You can call their expert team to negotiate the best policies for you and also to get advice about which sort of plans would suit your car values.

General Advice

For anything that you ned to discuss or decide, the team at Formula One Car Sales are there to help. They have many years experience in all areas of motoring and are able to help you find cars which would suit both your needs and your budget. Give them a call to find out how they can help you.

Contact Details

Formula One Car SalesAlbert StreetNewcastle Upon TyneNE2 1YW01912 610383

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