Formula One Championship Table - the top 5

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The 2011 Formula One season is proving to be as exciting as ever. The top 5, excluding Mark Webber have all won the drivers’ championship before and all are capable of winning this year's tournament. Read on for a rundown of the top 5 in the formula one championship table.

1. Sebastian Vettel - 216 points. Last year's winner Sebastian Vettel is doing a good job so far in defending his title and is almost 80 points clear of the nearest driver. He has been on great form this season winning 6 out of the first ten races.

2. Mark Webber - 139 points. Last year's third place finisher Webber is the closest contender to his team mate Vettel. He has been consistent so far with his lowest position 5th and his highest second. He has had 6 podium finishes out of 10 races.

3. Lewis Hamilton - 134 points. The 2008 world champion Lewis Hamilton poses a real threat to both the Red Bull drivers. He won his second Grand Prix of the year in Germany and has had a further two podium finishes so far.

4. Fernando Alonso - 130 points. Last year's runner up and world champion in 2005 and 2006, Alonso is not far behind Webber and Hamilton. He won the British Grand Prix and also has a number of podium finishes.

5. Jenson Button - 109 points. McLaren driver Jenson Button is another potential winner of this year's championship. He won the Canadian Grand Prix in June and has had three other podium finishes so far this season.

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