We check out this year's Formula One fixtures

Are you planning a dream trip to a Formula One race this season? If you are planning to soak up the glitz and glamour associated with this fast paced racing event, then we are here to help as we run you through the 2011 Formula One fixtures.

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Here are the dates for the eagerly anticipated 2011 Formula One season:

Australian Grand Prix 26th and 27th March

Malaysian Grand Prix 9th and 10th of April

Chinese Grand Prix 16th and 17th April

Turkish Grand Prix 7th and 8th May

Spanish Grand Prix 22nd and 23rd May

Monaco Grand Prix 28th and 29th May

Canadian Grand Prix 11th and 12th June

European Grand Prix - Valencia - 25th and 26th June

British Grand Prix - 9th and 10th July

German Grand Prix 23rd and 24th July

Hungarian Grand Prix 30th and 31st July

Belgian Grand Prix 27th and 28th August

Italian Grand Prix 10th and 11th September

Singapore Grand Prix 24th and 25th September

Japanese Grand Prix 8th and 9th October

Korean Grand Prix 15th and 16th October

Indian Grand Prix 29th and 30th October

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 12th and 13th November

Brazilian Grand Prix 26th and 27th November

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