Information You Need to Know About a Formula One Magazine Subscription

More than 75 countries offer the Formula One Racing Magazine subscription. The magazine comes in more than 18 languages and is the hottest source for F1 Racing news.

As of July 2011, F1 Racing has more than four million readers. If you want to keep up to date with Formula One news throughout the year, order this racing magazine because it's packed with everything you need to know about Formula One tracks, cars and drivers.

F1 Racing Contents

Formula One Racing magazine subscriptions provide you with detailed interviews with F1 drivers, detailed looks at the cars, a historic look at F1 racing and much more. In the regular “You Ask the Questions” feature, readers mail or email questions they're dying to have answered by drivers like Nigel Mansell or Martin Whitmarsh. Past articles include a detailed look at Lewis Hamilton's experience in NASCAR or how computers are changing the way drivers race.

There are special giveaways for F1 apparel or tickets to races. Formula One Racing Magazine subscription holders and readers also participate in reader panels.

Formula One Racing Magazine Subscription Information

Formula One Racing Magazine subscription rates depend on your address. The higher your postal costs, the more your yearly subscription costs.

In the UK, subscriptions to F1 Racing cost £46.25 per year. In countries like Portugal or Spain, the yearly subscription costs £65. In Asian countries, such as Japan, expect to pay approximately £79.

If you live in the UK, enjoy a substantial discount with a savings of more than 90 percent off the cover price. Receive three issues for £1 by signing up at f1racing.magazine.co.uk/trial_offer/.

In the United States, a yearly subscription averages $90 USD, but you can get a discount of about $15 through Amazon.com.

(All rates are as of July 2011 and are subject to change without notice.)

Formula One Racing Magazine Subscriptions are available online through MagazineShop.com or by calling 44 (0)8456 777818.

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