The Formula one manager game

Ever fancied yourself as a bit of a Formula one guru? Ever thought you would make a great manager? If so, then the Formula one manager game will certainly put you to the test. This realistic online game tests not only your ability to pick the best drivers, but also will challenge you on setting up race strategy and handling the economics of your Formula one team. Sounds easy? Then why not give it a go.

You choose everything from your team name to the drivers you employ, the game isn't just realistic, but it's very addictive. Choose your drivers from a range of different statistics, from their general racing skill to their performance in wet conditions. The drivers will be worth set amounts so ensure that you manage your team finances well to ensure you attract the very best drivers into your illustrious team.

The calendar menu shows you what events you have coming up and all the race events are identical to the real Formula 1 season, you will be tested on the tricky corners of Monaco to the iconic track that is Silverstone. The game is so meticulously detailed that you even choose your tyre suppliers and hire staff to operate the pit stops, and make sure the cars are in fine condition.

So why not have a go at this fun, free and addictive game at www.f1-tm.com and find out if you have the calibre to be a Formula one team manager. Best of luck!

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