Learn about the Formula One MOT service

Formula One autocentres started back in 1969 when father and son Stan and Phil Glencross established their first business - a petrol station in Hertfordshire. Now there are over 60 Formula One autocentres in the UK. They have a very good reputation among customers and strive to provide a friendly and welcoming service.

Formula One's MOT service is extremely popular. In fact, they carry out over 100,000 MOTs a year. Booking an MOT online is simple with Formula One, and by booking online you're eligible for a discount MOT (just £25). In addition, if you book a service with Formula One, you can get an MOT for just £15. They will also give you a free retest within 10 days if your car fails the MOT. At this time, they only offer MOT for cars.

All MOTs are carried out by specialised Formula One MOT testers that have been approved and appointed by the government's Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA).

Need to book an MOT and service together? Formula One have a 36 check interim service, a 65 check full service and a 71 check major service. By booking these online you can save over 70%.

For an example of their prices, you can book a 1.4l hatchback in for an MOT and interim service for £100, and for £179 you can book an MOT and a full service.

Booking online is a simple process. To find your nearest branch, visit them at f1autocentres.co.uk. Just follow the step by step instructions to book your MOT today.


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