The Formula One Official Website has All the Latest News in Grand Prix Racing

With the 62nd season of the FIA Formula One season already under way, visiting the Formula One official website is a great way to catch up on all the news. While there, you can download the 2011 Formula 1 app for your smart phone. The app sends live data directly to your phone from the Formula One Management Technical Centre right from the racetrack. Cool way to stay informed.

Formula One Schedule for 2011

The season got off to a rocky start with the cancellation of the Bahrain Grand Prix by the Crown Prince due to political unrest in the country. Things are moving along however, with the next F1 race to take place at the end of July at the Ungaroring, Budapest. After that, it’s off to Belgium, Italy, Singapore and five other countries, ending November 27 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Opening Developments

This is an exciting season to watch. Relatively new to the sport, Red Bull Racing is turning everything on its ear. Sebastian Vettel, of team Red Bull is the defending champion and came out the winner of the first race held in Melbourne this year. Red Bull is currently in first place standing for constructor, and team member Sebastian Vettel is still holding first place driver. Bridgestone decided not to continue as the tyre provider and has been replaced by Pirelli.

Rule Changes For The Season

The ban was removed regarding the custom of team orders when a team of F1 drivers are racing each other. Team orders will now be controlled on the racetrack. Instruction coding has been banned in order to discontinue the deceit of stewards and fans, and the 107% rule for qualifying was reinstated this year. To learn about further rule changes this year, go to the Formula One official website.

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