Where can you find the best value Formula One packages 2011

Are you looking to take in the glitz and glamour of an event on the Formula One calender? Putting together a trip to one of these races can be quite expensive, which is why it is always worth taking a look at what package offers are out there! In this blog, we are going to show you what kind of Formula One packages 2011 you can expect to find, and what sites you can find them on!

With the global nature of the Formula One calender, there is an unbelievable scope to put together a dream trip for yourself to one of the far flung Formula One destinations like Australia or Brazil. The race calender is set up to hold races in countries when the weather is at its absolute best, so you will be guaranteed glorious conditions at whatever track you decide to visit.

For starters, we recommend you take a gander at the official Formula One site and their tickets section at www.formula1.com/tickets_and_travel. The Formula One website offers the official tickets and travelling packages to race fans, and the main selling point of these is that you will always secure a brilliant seat with these packages as they are officially endorsed. The only problem with this, is that these packages can be slightly more expensive than unofficial ones.

One company offering some great value on unofficial packages is www.f1grandprixtours.com. This site is a more budget friendly option for race fans, and they offer a fantastic range of options for every Grand Prix around the world. They are well worth a look!

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