Formula One prints and paintings

The first place to look for any Formula One products (paintings and prints included) should be the official Formula One store. This will help you gauge not only the range of products available but also the prices.

The F1 Store (f1store.formula1.com) features several prints, most of which cost around £4. The most expensive are those which are signed by racers and Formula One stars. For these you can expect to pay well over £200, but they would prove to be an extra special souvenir and possibly a good investment for the future.

If you are looking for simple prints, perhaps the best site is popartuk.com, which sells a great variety of posters and large photographs featuring all the fastest cars and most successful teams and drivers for minimal prices.

Websites such as autosports-gallery.co.uk feature works based on historical motor racing events, including painted works on canvas as well as prints and posters.

The price for prints and posters of modern Formula One cars does not vary too much over the internet, but depictions of historical races can push the prices up considerably. Posters of the 1936 Monaco Grand Prix, for example, will set you back £30.

Of course, you will pay much more for high-quality paintings and original works. An original painting of the 1929 Monaco Grand Prix was listed for £29,500 on the Autosports Gallery site, and most of the printed canvas works cost around £800.

As always, an alternative to this method is to look on eBay. There are lots of vendors selling Formula One paintings and prints this way, and you can often find canvas oil paintings of your favourite modern cars and racing stars for less than £20.

On eBay, indeed, it is also possible to find signed posters and prints for a much smaller price, which can ensure their status as a good investmant - but it is of course important to check that the autographs are certified, and that the seller is honest. Use your discretion carefully.

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