Find pictures of Formula One pit girls

Despite fulfilling a morally and ethically questionable role, flaunting their physicality as a mere distraction to the macho sport of motor racing, there is no denying that Formula One pit girls often include some of the prettiest and most attractive models on the planet.

If you are interested in finding pictures of these girls, there are lots of sources on the web for doing so.

The gallery area of the official Formula One site (formula1.com/gallery) does often include pictures of pit girls, despite being mostly focused on coverage of the racing events themselves, as expected. If you are looking for photographs of girls especially, you might spend a long time trawling through unwanted images before you find the kind of pictures you want.

Alternatively, ITV's Formula One section includes an area devoted to Formula One pit girls, with galleries featuring girls from most of the Formula One racing countries, including China, Spain, Australia, Turkey and many more. Opening one of the galleries will produce a collection of 10 or more images of the hottest girls at the grand prix event.

There are also annual "best" albums on the ITV site, and an all-time favourites list. The pictures are not of the best quality, but there are lots of them. Check it out at itv.com/formula1/pit-babes/.

There are also archived collections of images of pit girls on several other websites. The site f1cartvideos.com, for example, includes a gallery of girls at Formula One events from 1999 to 2004.

Another direction is to survey the Formula One fan sites, most of which will devote some kind of attention to the prettiness of the Formula One pit girls.

Websites such as formula1fancast.com feature galleries which split their attention relatively evenly between photographs of races, photographs of drivers, and photographs of girls associated with race events. They show a particular focus on galleries of the wives and girlfriends of Formula One stars, including pictures not even connected to race days.

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